Immunotherapy treatments are changing the landscape of how we think about fighting advanced disease. Groundbreaking clinical cancer treatments are being highlighted among the medical community, of those, Dendritic Cell Vaccines (DCV) is one we offer here at Amber Life Cancer Clinic.  Let us explain the how and the why we offer DCV in our clinical practice.

What is a Dendritic Cell?

A dendritic cell is an accessory immune cell, which has antigen-presenting properties. The singular purpose of an antigen-presenter cell or dendritic cell is to process antigens and present them to the specific immune cells – T cells. Basically, the dendritic cells sends a message to the T cells to begin their job of defending the immune system.

What is Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy?

Dendritic cell vaccine therapy starts with the practice of extracting or isolating a small portion of the cancer. A small sample of blood is also removed from the same patient and then filtered down through a unique process to isolate the dendritic cells specifically from our own immune system. In a laboratory environment, the isolated cancer sample and the dendritic cell sample are introduced together. The result is a potent dendritic cell vaccine ready to be administered back into the patient.  The immune system  is being reshaped which contributes to immunogenic (mediated by immune system) cancer cell death. DCV is a very simple injection and patients tend to tolerate DCV therapy very well. Most patients report zero adverse effects after the administration of DCV.

Dendritic Cell Vaccine (DCV) is a Targeted Therapy, which means the Dendritic Cells are trained against patient’s cancer cells. For DCV manufacturing patient (or first line relative donor)  must provide prior arrival in the clinic the following tests:

  • HIV 1 and 2 (p24 Ag) 
  • Syphilis TPHA 
  • Syphilis RPR 
  • Hepatitis B antigene (HBsAg)
  • Hepatitis B core antibody (HBcor)
  • Hepatitis B antibody (HBs)
  • Hepatitis C antibody (HCV)
  • General blood test

By being approved and later purchasing DCV treatment patient will receive medicine and our Doctors’ monitoring for up to one year. Depends on number of produced vaccines.

Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy Shows Promise in Treating Cancer

Dendritic Cell Vaccine therapy is promising method and it is why ALCC utilizes it in the clinical practice.  DCV offers therapeutic solutions for many different cancer types at various stages of disease. These cancers include: breast cancer, brain cancer, stomach cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer, melanoma, testicular cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, sarcoma, thyroid cancer, and others. There is also strong scientific evidence that suggests that DCV can limit the aggressiveness of cancer.

Several research studies have highlighted the therapeutic potential of DCV therapy in the following medical journals:

In a clinical study chronicling cases of advanced melanoma and corresponding immunotherapy treatment with DCV, the result was prolonged life. The patients taking part in the study protocol were able to receive a positive prognosis following the DCV due to the result of increased T-cell activity.

Dendritic Cell Cancer Therapy: Vaccinating the Right Patient at the Right Time. The future of DC therapy lies in combining this form of active specific immunotherapy with other therapies to increase the antitumor activity of the immune effector cells.

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