How we work

Our holistic approach to cancer treatment

At the clinic we offer virotherapy in combination with several other treatments, all aiming at improving each patient’s health status and well-being.

Every patient is treated by oncologists and immunologists specialised in virotherapy. Each patient also is offered appointments with a nutritionist, physiotherapist, psychotherapist, art therapist and doctors of other specialties, as required.

Virotherapy team-work for better result

The leading oncologist and an immunologist will supervise and guide you through the whole treatment, making necessary adjustments and assessing test results in co-operation with other specialists, who are involved in the therapy.

  • Nutritionist consultation for nutritional advice in a variety of cancer settings to improve health and well-being as well as to discuss your dietary plan and recommendations during the virotherapy treatment.
  • Physiotherapy sessions for physical improvements in your everyday life, dealing with pain relief, stiffness and other medical conditions that may relate to your diagnosis or your lifestyle.
  • Psychotherapy sessions to provide you with emotional support, stability and strength in continuation of the treatment process with a more positive and empowering outlook.
  • Art therapy sessions as an interactive method to discover your inner talents and find harmony under circumstances that are not always easy to handle when facing health challenges.
  • Sessions focused on mind and body relaxation techniques, also known as an energetic therapy session conducted by an acclaimed doctor and author.
  • Acupuncture sessions to improve your body’s functions, to promote self-healing, to improve sleep or digestion, as well as to relieve pain.

Staying together and being supported by close ones

Your family members or friends are welcome to take part in these sessions so that they can also learn about virotherapy as a holistic cancer treatment.  It is important for us to ensure that you will feel safe about continuation of the treatment at home with full information and practical knowledge support.

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