We commit ourselves to assist patient from the time of application form submission and during the whole treatment process as long as patient requires support from the clinic.

Application form

At first patient fills in the application form attaching all necessary medical documentation, based on which doctors will provide eligibility assessment.

Beginning the treatment

By arrival in the clinic patient receives various specialists’ consultations, as well as all the necessary examinations and first three Riga virus injections. Before departure patient is provided an individual treatment plan for the first 3-month course, which is monitored by doctors.


Monitoring includes assessment of patient’s overall health condition, quality of life, blood test results and additional visual examinations. Following it a new treatment plan with specialist recommendations is developed.

Become a patient

If you wish our experts to give a free assessment of your case,
please fill out and submit an application form

Application form

Why choose us

Excellence for the virotherapy

Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic (GVCC) is the world’s first center of excellence for the oncolytic virotherapy, a true institution of integrative oncology care, which provides a holistic approach to cancer treatment by improving also patient’s overall health status and well-being.

Experienced virotherapy specialists

We have the most experienced virotherapy specialists, as here, in Latvia, virotherapy with world’s first oncolytic medicine Riga virus has been originated, developed and applied for several decades.

Harmless cancer treatment

We offer effective, safe and harmless cancer treatment in a peaceful and relaxing environment, ensuring high-quality medical care and comfort for our patients.

We are proud

Riga virus - the first virotherapy medication in the world, which has been approved for clinical use, and in 2004 it was registered in Latvia for treatment of malignant melanoma. It is the only clinically approved non-genetically modified oncolytic virus in the world.

We-are-proud-Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic

Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic has received international premium class accreditation that allows to offer high level medical and patient services in cancer virotherapy.

We-are-proud-Dace Baltiņa

Dace Baltiņa, Associate Professor at Riga Stradins University, a Chief Oncologist at the Ministry of Health of Latvia and author of several books in oncology and also for patients and their relatives is the Medical Director at the Global virotherapy Cancer Clinic.

We-are-proud-Excellent patient

Excellent patient service for all of the treatment time, regardless if the patient is in Latvia or outside it.


Nikki and David

South Africa

“To everyone here at GVCC – thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our stay so incredible. We enjoyed every minute. The food was absolutely incredible. Thank you for everything. Hope to see you again in 6 months.”



“Thank you for everything. Thank you to all the staff and doctors here at the clinic.”



“As the mother of a patient doing Viroterapy and Gerson therapy I can extend my heartfelt to thanks to Global Virotherapy Clinic for bringing health back to our daughter, Kym. Words cannot express how my family feels about the amazing results achieved. With deep regards and love and thank to the incredible staff. It was a pleasure meeting you.”