Early stages (stage I- II) melanoma package/program

If you have been diagnosed melanoma, your tumor has been removed (excised) or you are waiting for a surgery there are several things you should know about it.

Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer because it roots in the deepest layers of the skin, it can also spread to other parts of the body, even to the internal organs. When melanoma spreads, it can harm vital organs and become hard to treat – in later stages it might become untreatable.


Melanoma free?
Think twice!

Even if you think you are melanoma free after the surgery, you should know that more than a third of melanoma patients experience relapse.
In fact 36% of stage I and II melanoma patients experience recurrence. 65% of recurrence – in year 1-3 of follow-up. *

Research results show that IB-IIC patients treated with our oncolytic virotherapy medication had 4.39 to 6.57 times lower mortality, that is they were 4-6 times more likely to survive, than those who, following current guidelines, had received no therapy post-surgery. **

Even if you are feeling good, it doesn’t mean you are really going well – melanoma can metastase within 3 months, especially for young people.

This is why it is crucial to double the safety even if you have tumour surgically removed.

How to avoid melanoma recurrence? We have an answer!

NCCN and ESMO treatment guidelines do not offer the solution, but we have an answer: proofed treatment method – virotherapy.

This virotherapy medication is included in the clinical guidelines of the National Health Service of Latvia entitled “Diagnostics, treatment and dynamic observation of skin cancer and melanoma.

Amber Life Cancer Clinic has a lot of experience in early melanoma treatment – more than 70% melanoma patients in Baltic states and many patients around the world have chosen early stages melanoma program to avoid recurrence and be sure they can be melanoma free. If you want to be sure melanoma won’t come back, join us!

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Early stage melanoma package


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