What is Virotherapy?

Virotherapy - an innovative therapy in cancer treatment

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How it works?

Our oncolytic virus infects only cancer cells while leaving normal cells unaffected

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Frequently asked questions about the treatment at the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic

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Why choose us

Excellence for the virotherapy

Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic (GVCC) is the world’s first center of excellence for the oncolytic virotherapy, a true institution of integrative oncology care, which provides a holistic approach to cancer treatment by improving also patient’s overall health status and well-being.

Experienced virotherapy specialists

We have the most experienced virotherapy specialists, as here, in Latvia, virotherapy with world’s first oncolytic medicine Riga virus has been originated, developed and applied for several decades.

Harmless cancer treatment

We offer effective, safe and harmless cancer treatment in a peaceful and relaxing environment, ensuring high-quality medical care and comfort for our patients.

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Useful information

eye uveal melanoma
What You Should Know About Uveal Melanoma

Uveal melanoma, commonly referred to as ocular melanoma, arises from neural crest-derived melanocytes of the choroid, iris and the ciliary

What is melanoma?

Melanoma is a type of cancer that starts in skin cells that give skin its colour. Melanoma can also form

Virotherapy for melanoma skin cancer

Melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer, which occurs in melanocytes – cells that generate melanin. Melanin is

Recommendations from “Amber Life Cancer Clinic” oncologist Dr. Linda Brokane for cancer patients and their relatives

  It is difficult to win the battle on your own I always tell my patients that there are two

Virotherapy-useful information What you should know about birthmarks and melanoma
What you should know about birthmarks and melanoma?!

Birthmark (also often defined as a mole) Is a pigmented cell-melanocyte aggregation on the skin; usually in a brownish shade.

What is cancer and what can we offer?
What is cancer and what can we offer?

What are types of cancer? Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by abnormal growth and distant spread of cells.


Doctors and specialists

  • Dr. Linda Brokāne

    Dr. Linda Brokāne


    Cancer as a multifactorial disease should be addressed in a holistic integrative way, therefore we work as a team of professionals not only with virotherapy which is our core treatment…

    Dr. Inta Jaunalksne

    Dr. Inta Jaunalksne


    Virotherapy is one of the newest immunology fields and I as an immunologist would appreciate all latest trends.

  • Sanita Ciganovska

    Sanita Ciganovska

    Art therapist


    Jūlija Zemļinska

    Jūlija Zemļinska

    Physiotherapy Specialist

    When you feel tired and weak, force yourself to move. After excersising you will discover how powerful and spirited you really are. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Make today count.

  • Dr. Ārija Cipruse

    Dr. Ārija Cipruse

    Doctor of Acupuncture

    I believe that acupuncture is one of the most important parts of integrated medicine. It is a bioregulatory method and these methods are very important for any disease. They help…

    Irīna Sockova

    Anita Pudāne


    I think mutual trust is the key to successful treatment. It is important for me to listen to the patients and understand their needs.