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Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic has received international premium class accreditation that allows to offer high level medical and patient services in cancer virotherapy.

Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic provides patients with effective and complex cancer treatment with virotherapy, additionally including elements of complementary and integrative medicine.

Patients are offered ambulatory/ stationary treatment possibilities and consultations with oncologists and immunologists practising virotherapy, as well as nutritionists and various relevant speciality doctors.

To its patients and their accompanying persons, Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic delivers excellent patient service, starting with visa invitations, patient welcoming, accommodation, accompanying, and supervision during all of the treatment process, including even recreation events for the persons travelling with patients.

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Inta Jaunalksne


"Immunology is one of the newest field of medicine. The main two branches of immunology are immunodiagnostics and immunotherapy. Virotherapy is one of the promising immunotherapy approaches and many countries are looking for different viruses to introduce them in the oncology practice. We should be proud that our country already has RIGVIR- virus which was elaborated last century by prof. A. Muceniece and it is already used with many patients."

Linda Brokāne


“We put together oncolytic virotherapy and integrative cancer treatment. The individual approach to each patient is very important here.”


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Virotherapy is an innovative therapy in cancer treatment, used both as monotherapy and also in complex with other known therapies. During virotherapy, human body receives injections of live viruses with oncotropic and oncolytic properties that imply their ability to seek and destroy malignant tumour cells in the body.

Currently, cancer virotherapy sector offers only one registered medicine that contains a genetically not modified live virus and has been used in the clinical practice with good results - Rigvir.

Virotherapy with Rigvir is a safe, effective and mild therapy able to destroy cancer cells and prevent the development of metastases, as well as affect the immune system, inducing immune cell activity and mobilising them to fight cancer.


After administering, Rigvir finds and selectively infects cancer cells. The process is called oncotropism. Rigvir replicates in cancer cells and directly destroys them. The process is called oncolysis. Both processes - oncotropism and oncolysis are selective in respect to cancer cells, while minimally or not at all affecting the healthy (normal) cells.


RIGVIR® is approved for the treatment of melanoma.

The October 2015 issue of Melanoma Research journal confirms that patients treated with Rigvir had 4-6 times greater chances for survival than without Rigvir.

Whereas, the results summarised and published by the Latvian National Oncology Centre prove that Rigvir effectively acts to prevent and stop metastasising processes.


Rigvir is a nonpathogenic, natural virus that has not been genetically modified. After administering, it selectively affects only cancer cells without harming the healthy ones.

Virotherapy with Rigvir is safe and harmless, during which only insignificant adverse effects are observed - subfebrile temperature, slight fever, fatigue, and pains in the tumour site, which at the same time may indicate Rigvir positive action.

During Rigvir therapy, patients maintain their quality of life and increase social activity.


Our specialists have clinical experience in applying virotherapy for the following cancer types:

  • - melanoma
  • - gastric cancer
  • - colorectal cancer
  • - pancreatic cancer
  • - bladder cancer
  • - prostate cancer
  • - kidney cancer
  • - lung cancer
  • - uterine cancer
  • - various types of sarcoma

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Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic and virotherapy share a goal to reach maximum treatment result, improve the well-being of the patient's body and mind.

Virotherapy is a basic therapy used in complex with various supporting therapies that give the opportunity to use all of virotherapy offered effect and advantages to the maximum.

It is also possible to use virotherapy in complex with other known main cancer treatments.

An individual treatment plan and virotherapy course is developed for every patient.


Virotherapy is applied according to the "International Virotherapy Center" guidelines, under the supervision of oncologists certified in virotherapy. The basis of the therapy is a course of intramuscular injections, assigned individually to every patient, depending on the immune state, cancer type, localisation, and difficulty degree. The initial virotherapy course is provided to the patient over the first appointments, while further treatment may be continued on an outpatient basis under remote supervision of the doctors; however, travelling several times a year for repeated assessment, in-depth examinations and possible correction of the treatment course.

During virotherapy, regular analysis of the patient's subjective and objective state is performed, using blood count and various methods of diagnostics.


To achieve the maximum virotherapy offered effect, complex approach has been especially developed, that implies purposeful involvement of other speciality doctors: immunologists, oncologists, nutritionists, complementary therapy specialists.

Often, before starting virotherapy, the patient is assigned detoxification and immunity stimulation.


The stay in clinic is offered for 5 to 10 days during which patients receive the complex virotherapy course and in case of a necessity the pre-therapy detoxification and general immunisation of the body. Staying in the stationary means constant supervision of the medical staff, professional diagnostics, guaranteed completion of the treatment plan, and the use of all advantages offered by the Patient Service. Inpatient care guarantees to achieve maximum possible efficiency of virotherapy and the chance to use various supporting therapies as well as relax in proper conditions.

Inpatient care includes therapy plan for the nearest months and distant monitoring where the patients regularly inform their doctors about recent blood count and diagnostics results, so that virotherapy course regime could be corrected upon necessity.

Inpatient care services are offered in cooperation with Latvian clinics, which gives the patient wide range of choice.


Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic offers excellent Patient Service for all of the treatment time, regardless if the patient is in Latvia or outside it. Every patient is assigned their own patient manager in charge.

Patient Service ensures your comfort, safety, confidentiality, welcoming, accommodation, and accompanying. They follow your treatment plan, coordinate communication with doctors, manage administrative and payment questions, help to plan the available visit time in Latvia, organise all matters related to the arrival (visa, transport, hotels), provide you with all the necessary means of communication, and organise your safe trip home after finishing the initial course, continuing to communicate with you during the rest of the treatment up to the next visit.

Patient Service will also take care of accommodation and well-being for the persons travelling with you.

Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic

Responsible service: Patient service
Language for communication: LAT, RUS, ENG
Address: 12 Jauna iela, Jurmala, Latvia LV-2015
Phone: +371 67 229 522


The Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic offers single, double, family (double+double) and Lux rooms for your stay. All rooms are equipped with en suite shower/bath and WC, a safety box, cable TV and a fridge. The building has 220 V voltage, but adapters are available.


We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in our dining hall every day. The meals are specifically prepared by our chef on the basis of your nutritionist’s recommendations and your specific needs.

Other free conveniences

Transfers to and from the clinic, a laptop for your use, Wi Fi, copying, printing, faxing, a mobile phone, laundry, ironing, a gym, a private guide, and bicycles

These videos contain patients personal experience. This information is not intended as medical advice. Responsibility for patient care resides with the healthcare professional on the basis of his or her professional license, experience and knowledge of the patient.

Patient stories

Patient reviews

How do we express what Rigvir will do for so many cancer patients? It will give each one a safe chance to eradicate this dread disease without harm, without poisoning the body. With your brillinat treatment, your care and your amazing clinic and the doctors and the other staff, we intend to kick cancer’s butt! We will continue to treat Pieter with alternative therapies in conjunction with the Rigvir. To say we won’t see you again is only because Rigvir will cure Pieter and he will only return for a holiday. His family in South Africa appreciate all you have done for him during this past week.
Paldies! And as we say in Afrikaans, Dankie!
Petrus and Patricia from South Africa /24.12.2016./

Thank you!!!
I felt almost like home here. Everyone is so kind, supportive and friendly. I wish I could stay longer.
See you soon! Naza from USA /16.12.2016./

Thank you to all staff and everyone in this clinic. My experience has been fantastic and thank you for bringing hope and life to me and many people around the world, I loved to be a part of this team.
Pero from West Australia /10.12.2016./

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Patient reviews

Thank you!
These words seem inadequate, but are so true. I am here with my husband who is receiving care from this amazing centre. As a support person I have been made feel very welcome and invited to participate in all aspects of the treatment. As a nurse and a midwife of over 35 years, I appreciate the importance of involving family and loved ones when it comes to “caring” for the patinet and their wellbeing. I have been overwhelmed by the entire staff’s kindness and genuine interest in our wellbeing from the moment we were collected by Janis at the airport. Nothing has been too much for anyone – an extra towel, a lough, a supportive hug, I have experienced and appreciated them all. So thank you! Keep up this amazing work. I will be recommending you to people I know and are yet to encounter in Australia.
Warm wishes, Diane from Australia /December 2016./

To the gorgeous people at the Global Virotherapy Clinic!
Thank you for everything – the treatment, the sharing, the laughter, the fun and the love. This experience is one I will never forget and will share with as many people as possible. To a world cancer free and full of beautiful, talented people like you.
Love and best wishes, James from Australia /December 2016./

Thank you to all the wonderful staff! My week has exceeded my expectations. Such attention to detail, extremely professional and so devoted. A wonderful team. So often I was told that I could always ask for more, that nothing was too much trouble. I feel valued and recognised for my inner strenght here. I cannot say enough of praise for the kindness and compassion I have received. Thank you for your kindness and professional care.
With much love, Susie & Pete /December 2016./

Thank you again! Returning felt like coming home. Everyone is so lovely and thoughtful. Many blessing for your work, with love and grattitude,
Susan from USA /07.12.2016./

Again thank you to you all. I am here for the 2nd time to have new vials and to be checked-up. You have all of you, including the driver Janis, been very kind and helpful in every way. And the food is excellent. I stayed in this clinic for one extra night and had lovely hours in the old town Riga. Thank you!
Synnove from Denmark /11.11.2016/

Thanks for all the help that you have given me this week.I feel more hopeful and more energy. I like how you are thinking and how you are treating the body (mind and soul). The staff is excellent and Theo loves them.
Sandra, Ragnar and Theo from Sweden /11.11.2016/

Standart therapies have been offered and tried for my late stage Ewing`s Bone Sarcoma. My heart was always towards more holistic and body positive treatments and so after traditional chemotherapy I was delighted to have the option of Rigvir,in the hope ,that it can have some positive effect. My lovely,supportive wife has joined me on this trip and we have both been surprised of the beauty of the place and the people. Facilities and staff have been excellent. We wish on future that will see us here again in a summer setting ,on holidays and train to St.Petersburg etc.
Tom & Karen from Scotland /06.11.2016/

I`ll get right to the point, the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic has set the standard high for what effective health care should be like. I have been receiving treatment at one of the top cancer research hospitals in the world. However the Rigvir and the excellent holistic approach is much more compatible with how Gid designed the body to work. You work with the body not against it and you care for the whole person My son who was diagnosed with melanoma at age 26 is with me, as is my wife. Your staff has been throughly pleasent and compassionate – a true joy to be with. The food is superb, the facility excellent and the location could not be better, next to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Againg the virotherapy and holistic approach combined with joyful, compassionate care - this is what makes sebse for anyone`s healing adventure. We are spreading the news so that others will come.
Jeff & Carol and Joshua from USA /October 2016./

Very impressive indeed – virotherapy is becoming more and more well known and the team is working hard with a clean vision.
Best always,
Malik from Saudi Arabia /October 2016./

Thanks very much to the doctors and all the staff at this clinic. It is amazing to have such an option available, which gives more hope.
Vida, Giedre and Žaneta from Lithuania /October 2016/

Thank you to all the staff and doctors here at the clinic. I bow my head of so much love and gratitude for your work.
All my best wishes,
Susan from the USA /30.09.16/

Thank you for the work – thank you for Rigvir. Bringing hope and life to many around the world. Love being a part of the team.
Hope4Cancer Institute in Mexico /29.09.16/

Thank you for all the attention, care and love and medical support. I got here in this marvellous place – a thousand thanks to the whole team. I was fortunate to be able to stay in Latvia for three months, Jurmala is so beautiful, the old houses, the trees, the Baltic sea and above all the people, so welcoming and warm. I go back home healed in my mind and spirit and very hopeful that Rigvir will heal my body.
See you in April. Thank you/Merci/Paldies!
Florence from Australia /28.09.16/

Thank you to all of you – to those of you who were not seen very much, and those of you who gave me treatments.
You are all professional, helpful and very nice. I am going back with a big hope for the future.
Synnove from Denmark /19.08.16/

Excellent service in all areas, empathetic staff, efficient and very professional.
Israel from Israel /18.08.16/

Many thanks to all the staff and doctors. We have been very well looked after – everyone has been so professional, friendly and helpful! Thank you again.
Julie from Australia /23.07.16/

My family and I want to thank your team for all the time and dedication to care for every patient. Just from being in touch with you I feel much better. Thanking God for having your team that I can always trust.
Jorge and family from Canada /21.07.16/

Thank you for everything. The clinic is Heaven on Earth. Everyone is just amazing, the care and help and support is beyond belief.
I am leaving the place knowing and believing in this treatment. The stay in this place just restored my belief and trust in humans. I do not know how to thank you enough for everything!!! Thank you!!!
Gabriel from England

Thank you for a great week at your clinic. Consultations were very professional, staff were friendly and helpful. Food was new to us and introduced us to many healthy organics and greens.
Richard and Eithne from Ireland /10.07.16/

What a wonderful experience! Thank you to all the staff and all the people we met!
Andrew and Linn from Sweden /09.07.16/

Of course, I just started the treatment and I truly believe that RIGVIR and everything I learned during this week will help me to heal and to everyone coming to the clinic. But in any case I would like to thank all the staff here and doctors who were very welcoming and caring. I truly believe that everyone has to come here to see how to work with patients and to learn how to live a healthy life.
I’ll remember my stay here absolutely amazing experience and, of course I wish everyone good luck with the God`s blessing.
Olesia from Ukraine /01.07.16/

The treatment centre and the staff have been wonderful. So friendly, always smiling and willing to go the extra mile. Jurmala and Riga are both beautiful and full of rich history. We wish the best to all the staff and future visitors to this clinic. Have a safe, healing and wonderful journey!!
Marinos and Stavros from South Africa

Such kind treatment here. A week of learning and growing. Good luck to everyone on their treatment. Thank you everyone! You are wonderful.
Kasey and Steve from Canada /18.06.16/

It was so great staying here for the week. Everything was perfect! Thanks, Agnese, Linda and Irina, you were just great! Wonderful place here, so we leave Jurmala full of optimism!
Best wishes to all of you!
Sveinn and Hilda from Iceland /17.06.16/

Thanks to Agnese and the nutritionist, Anete and the excellent nurse and wonderful doctors who made this week a great experience! It is apparent that the staff here really have care and compassion for patients who come here. God bless each of you who are involved with virotherapy.
Janine from USA /03.06.16/

Wow! What a beautiful clinic!! Such very nice people!! It was a thrill to meet Dite(the daughter of Professor A.Muceniece) as well. Hope to come back for longer next time!! Thank you and lots of success!!
Tom and Mary from Canada /02.06.16/

We learned about RIGVIR incidentally and we were very happy about the arrangements by the clinic. We did not incounter any difficulty during the 10 day stay. The treatment programme is comprehensive and the personell is nice.
We were lucky to have blue sky and white clouds, the climate was perfect.
The science behind virotherapy is sound. I believe it is effective and at least not that many side-effects. This new therapy may be beneficial to thousands of people in need. This is the first time I am in Latvia. I like it very much, we will be back. At last, I wish all the cancer patients to benefit from this treatment and have a happy and healthy life.
Benson and Eva from Hong Kong /31.05.16/

Thankfully – as imagined we found the most wonderful of intention and professional expertise from all at the clinic.
We can appreciate the immense amount of relentless tenacity and resources it takes to launc such an attack on the generally failing, controlling and abusive treatments offered for this epidemic of cancer worldwide. It is also our belief that RIGVIR will take its place historically and become one of the game changers to globally restore health and humanity. Lets see what the future holds.
God bless,
Bunny and Philip from Canada /30.05.16/

I have really enjoyed staying here, this has been a nice stay in the beautiful settings. The staff have went out of their way to help me follow the Gerson therapy along with RIGVIR virotherapy.
I was diagnosed with stage 1 melanoma of my eye and I feel that this will heal me. I did not want conventional radiotherapy as I believe in natural therapies and believe RIGVIR is non-toxic to my body.
Carol from Scotland /22.05.16/

I spent only one week in this amazing clinic. Everything here was awesome. All services exceeded my expectations, starting by management, all doctors and nurses and, of course, food. After 3 treatments I have already a feeling it will extend my life. I am already taking my painkillers in longer time intervals between them.
Ivo, your admirer from Canada /20.05.16/

Aloha to the Global Virotherapt Team!
I would like to thank all the managing staff, the mind and spirit healers, nutritional experts,and the psychological and medical professionals of the clinic for the most excellent care and education that I received during my stay. I felt comfortable and relaxed which made the virotherapy feel more like a vacation at a five star resort than a visit to a clinic. I look forward to living healthy, free from the beast that invaded my body.
George from Hawaii /13.05.16/

Thank you very much for everything! It was amazing to be here! After this week I feel more relaxed and stronger in my fight with disease. Thank you to all the staff and specialists of the clinic. See you!
Kamile from Klaipeda /29.04.16/

Thank you for your kind treatment. We really appreciate it.
And of course we believe that the treatment will work on me, so we can tell other cancer patients about it.
Inger from Denmark /7.04.16/

I arrived at the clinic on the 17th of April. My experience in the clinic has been extremely positive. Everyone here has been extremely kind and helpful. The accomodation is very comfortable and the staff is lovely to deal with. I encourage all cancer patients to embrace this concept of RIGVIR. I had run out of options for treatment as I am very hopeful that this will be succesfull. I spent 7 days here and now I am heading home. I will be monitored as the treatment progresses. I wish for great success for this concept and for this clinic.
I thank Dr. Linda Brokane, my nurse Irina and my patient manager Daiga and all the specialists who treated me.
Vera from Canada /22.04.16/

Thanks to all for your great service and friendly countenance. I hope that the RIGVIR treatment is succesfull so I can share it with others.
ZSO /28.04.16/

Thank you to all staff and everyone involved in the operation of this clinic. My experience has been fantastically positive!!!
I have travelled from Australia in hope of successful treatment with RIGVIR. I also want to make a special mention to my patient manager Agnese who has been helpful to the highest standard.
With regards,
Daniel from Australia /28.04.16./

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Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic not only offers, but also recommends its patients to travel together with their family members and friends, especially in cases when treatment process and stay in Latvia are planned to require longer time.

It is a proven fact that the presence and support of family and friends advances the patient's recovery and allows the close people to enjoy peace of mind, being near their loved one.

Patient Service offers to organise the arrival and accommodation of patient relatives and friends in Latvia, as well as to prepare relevant recreation opportunities and the chance to discover Latvia closer.





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Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic 360° Tour

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